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2018 RFSC Ice Show Dates

Friday through Sunday, April 20–22, 2018

See the Important Dates page and the additional resources here for more information.

See the Important Dates page and the additional resources here for more information.

It's a couple of months before the show and Dream On is taking shape nicely!

Costumes are arriving and ready to be distributed, prop design is well underway, Picture Day is right around the corner and Show Session rehearsals will start in just a few short weeks. We are excited about another great show and are looking forward to the upcoming weeks of rehearsals and preparation.

February Updates

Once again, we will use this web site to keep you updated about plans and important information related to the show. In this second major release of information you will see that we have information on Picture Day, including the schedule, the Show Session Rehearsal Schedule and several other items. A complete list of updates is in the box at the right and is available in the menus above. The information is also bundled below for convenience. Be sure to look over all of the information carefully. This information will be kept as up to date as possible so check back often.

Dates to Remember

Picture Day: Sunday, March 4, 2018
L2S Costume Pickup: During classes during the week of Monday, February 12, 2018
Contract Costume Pickup: Monday, February 26, 2018 | 5:007:00 pm

Ice Show: 2nd Information Bundle (L2S Skaters)

The information presented below is our first information release for the RFSC 2018 Ice Show. All items are also available under the menus above. They are bundled here for your convenience.

Costume Pickup

Costume Pickup:

Future Stars, Learn2Skate, and Explorers 2

Monday, February 12Saturday, February 17, 2018
During your regular show rehearsal session

Contract Skaters

Monday, February 26, 2018, 5:007:00 pm
Rec Center: Bob Fick Room

Information for:

Stuff everyone needs to know . . .

  • If tights are required for your costume(s), they may be ordered from Blades to Ballet at a discount through Monday, February 5, 2018. Tights are not included with the costumes. See the Ice Show Tights Order page Ice Show Tights Order page for details.
  • If you cannot be at costume pick up, please arrange to have someone else pick up your costume(s) for you.
  • Costumes are not custom made to your child's measurements. Be sure to try them on right away. Any alterations of costumes are the skater's responsibility. NO PERMANENT ALTERATIONS SHOULD BE MADE TO A COSTUME PRIOR TO PICTURE DAY WITHOUT APPROVAL BY THE COSTUME COMMITTEE.
  • Skaters should not play or skate in their costumes before the show.

Information for Future Stars, Learn2Skate & Explorers 2 Skaters . . .

Show costumes must be picked up Monday, February 12Saturday, February 17, 2018 during your normally scheduled Learn2Skate or Explorers 2 session. Costumes were paid for when you registered . . . all you have to do is pick them up!

Tights for Learn2Skate costumes need to be picked up at Blades to Ballet. You will be notified when the tights are available.

Information for Contract Skaters . . .

  • Show costumes must be picked up on Monday, February 26, 2018 | 5:007:00 pm in the Bob Fick room.
  • Contract skaters may have an amount left to pay after the costume deposit which you paid at registration is applied. This amount must be paid before you receive your costumes.
  • Payment of the final balance may be made in the office beginning Thursday, February 22. You will receive a receipt for your costume payment. Please hang onto this receipt and take it with you to pick up your costume(s) on Monday, February 26. You will need this receipt in order to get your costume(s).
  • Your final balance will include a $5.00 accessory fee for the Grand Finale.
  • If you would like to know the amount of your costume bill prior to your costume pickup day, please contact our costumes chair after February 22:
    Jen Kulack
    | (507) 358-1462

    You may also contact the RFSC office after the same date.

  • A Reminder to Soloists: Soloists are expected to have their costumes available for Picture Day (Sunday, March 4) and for Soloist Lighting (Saturday, March 17 at 9:00 am).

Questions concerning costumes should be directed to Jen Kulack ().

Show Pictures

When & Where

Sunday, March 4, 2018 | 11:00 am–6:00 pm

Map Icon
Rochester Central Lutheran School
2619-9th Avenue NW
Rochester, MN 55901

All Skaters Participate!

All cast members in Dream On participate in Picture Day. This is to allow all to be included in group photos for the Show Program!

During Picture Day, individual skaters may take additional photos (alone and/or with friends) for personal purchase.

Photo Orders

Photo order forms will be available at Costume Pick-up; additional forms will be available on Picture Day.

Forms do not need to be filled out prior to scheduled photo time. Volunteers will be available to assist and answer questions about your order.

LifeTouch products will be available to view on Picture Day. You may wish to check them out before finalizing your order.

If your skater is in more than one number and you wish to order photos involving different groups/costumes, there is a second single sheet of paper to fill out as part of your order to link the desired product to the correct costume/photo.

Be Prepared!

Bring ALL PARTS of your costume! (No alterations should be made before Picture Day. All alterations need to be approved by the Costume Committee).

Spiff up your skates! (They will look better for the Ice Show too!)

All Skaters must have plastic skate guards to protect the RCLS Gym Floor.

Skating tights must be worn for the picture and the show unless otherwise directed by the costume committee. Please review the costume requirements for your show number, it may require a specific type.

Costumes must be worn as directed for program/group photos, but individuals may vary the look for personal photos. Skaters with long hair, for example, may prefer to wear their hair “down” for the individual photo (such changes will need to be done quickly while in the line-up area).

On Picture Day

  • Arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to get ready. There will be locker rooms available for clothing changes. Please keep the locker room neat and clean.
  • Bring and wear ALL parts of your costume. This includes good tights (girls) and skates!
  • Skate guards are required for EVERY skater. This is to protect the RCLS gym floor and skate blades.
  • Skaters check in with the Check-In Monitor as soon as you are dressed and ready.
  • Pick a pose for your individual pictures before entering the Line-Up area. There will be pose boards available showing suggested poses.
  • Skaters will stay with their group until that group is finished.
  • Parents please help by remaining in the Family Waiting Area (bleachers).
  • To help provide quality photos and to stay on schedule, please NO personal cameras!

Soloists Please Note!

Soloists photographed in costumes to be worn in the Ice Show will be included in the Show Program. For visual interest in the program, soloists will be asked to select a pose that differs from others’ poses.

Everyone Please Note!

Follow the printed schedule; arrive so skaters are dressed in costume ready to check in 10-15 minutes before scheduled photo time.

If you hear that a group number has been rescheduled, believe it ONLY if you have personally confirmed the change with a Picture Day Chairperson.

Parents: please inform your skater(s) if you wish for them to have individual photos taken, and which costume(s) you would like them in! To keep on schedule, please have the desired pose picked out ahead of time.

Individual photos may be inserted ANY TIME during the day, so if your skater misses his/her group photo time but is available some other time during Picture Day hours for a personal photo—just show up, get into costume, and tell the Check-In Monitor you’re waiting for a chance to fit in an individual photo. Please note that these photos will not be used in the program.

Please Note: Due to the number of skaters and photos involved in picture day, we cannot “Photoshop” people into group photos for any reason.

Skaters who are scheduled for two group photo times back to back (or very close together) NEED to inform the Picture Day Chairperson of this. These skaters will then be the first ones in the group to have their individual photo taken.

“Buddy Photos”: To help remain on schedule, please limit the buddy pictures to those only that you plan to purchase.

Questions concerning pictures should be directed to:

Laura Schroeder


All Skaters

  • Attendance is taken at all rehearsals.
  • Skaters may not miss more than one rehearsal per number during the show session, and must be present for ALL show week rehearsals.
  • While any off-ice sessions scheduled are required for all skaters in those numbers, it does not count toward the one allowed miss.
  • Arriving to rehearsal 10 minutes late or leaving rehearsal 10 minutes early counts as half a miss.

Future Stars, Learn2Skate & Explorers 2

  • All L2S rehearsals are 30 minutes in length, with the exception of Explorers 2 rehearsals which are 45 minutes. Check the Cast List and Schedule for your group and time. Skaters may choose to register for our Learn2Skate Winter 2 classes which are held prior to show rehearsals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well as Friday nights. The Winter 2 classes are group lesson instruction time and are not related to show rehearsals.

Contract Skaters

  • Please check the Rehearsal Schedule carefully for your rehearsal times. Note the off-ice rehearsals where indicated.
  • If your rehearsal time is not your regularly scheduled contracted ice, you may want to reschedule your freestyle ice. You will be charged for the rehearsal ice if it is in addition to what you have already contracted.
  • Skaters will not be billed for show week ice.
  • Skaters are charged for solo and feature rehearsal lessons through their coaches.
  • Grad feature and freestyle group rehearsal lessons are covered by the show.

Father/Daughter Skaters (Contract skaters only)

Show Number Parents

Group numbers have been assigned a volunteer Show Number Parent. If there is any need for the coach, costume committee, etc. to get a message to the group, the show number parent will be contacted and he/she will contact the rest of the group with the information. See the Show Number Parents page for details.

Program Advertising

To wish your skater good luck or send a nice message, be sure to purchase a personal ad in the Dream On Ice Show Program

Personal Ads

Personal ads are available to all skaters in several styles and two sizes: six to a page and three to a page. One-sixth page personal ads are $25.00 with a photo and $15.00 without. One-third page ads with a photo are $50.00. Style samples and Order Form are available in the Personal Ad Order Packet. Samples will also be available in the RFSC office.

Please complete and return the Order Form, along with payment by Saturday, March 10 to ensure your spot in the program.

Custom Senior Ads

Custom personal ads may be ordered for graduating senior skaters. For details, contact:

Lisa McPherson
| (507) 250-3784

Download the Custom Senior Ad Order Form for more information.

Orders, along with payment must be submitted by Saturday, March 10 to ensure your spot in the program.

How to order

All orders should be submitted with payment in full by their respective due dates. Place orders and payment for Personal Ads and Custom Senior Ads in the folder marked Lisa McPherson/Personal and Senior Ads in the RFSC office.

Personal ads are due Saturday, March 10
Senior ads are due Saturday, March 10

For more information or to deliver electronic artwork, contact

Lisa McPherson

Ticket and Program Sales Information

Ticket Sales Information

Please Read Carefully as some information has changed since last year

Ticket Prices

Adults $12 in advance $14 at the door
Students (ages 5-17) $10 in advance $12 at the door
Seniors (age 65+) $10 in advance $12 at the door
Skaters in the show
and children under 5

Ticket Sales

  • Tickets may be purchased at the ticket tables from 5pm to 8pm during the Wednesday or Thursday (April 18 and 19) Show Week Rehearsals, during office hours at the RFSC office, at Hunt Drug (Silver Lake), Blades to Ballet (Hillcrest Plaza) and from our online store. Please note . . .
    • There will NOT be any ticket sales during the Monday or Tuesday Show Week rehearsals.
    • Online ticket sales ends April 18. Tickets purchased online will be available for pickup at the ticket tables during the Wednesday and Thursday Show Week rehearsals. If you want tickets to distribute before then, please use one of the other options.
  • A ticket purchase form is included in the packet you receive on Picture Day. This is to be used when buying more tickets. Additional forms will be available at the RFSC office, the RFSC website ( and the ticket table during show week dress rehearsals.
  • Each family may puchase up to TWO Ice Show three-Day Passes at a discounted cost of $25 each. This will entitle the owner to entry to the show on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This pass cannot be used to admit more than one person per show. These will be available at the ticket table during our dress rehearsals on April 18 and 19 only.
  • A Skater’s Pass is included in the packet you receive on Picture Day. This is to be used as admission to the dressing room area, the skaters’ seating area, or general seating. Please note: Show skaters will not need to purchase a ticket to watch this year’s show. Parents who are bringing their skater and do not want to watch the show will be allowed downstairs without a ticket where they may watch on the TV provided in the skate change area. To watch any part of the show from the bleachers, a ticket must be purchased.
    Note: If you do not get your packet at picture day, please pick it up from the RFSC office.
  • Volunteers working in the arena for each show (specifically lighting help, ushers, prop workers and the booth crew) will get passes to enter the seating area for that show. Other volunteers who wish to watch the show from the seating area will need to purchase tickets (including committee chairs, dressing room monitors and other volunteers).

Free Skate, Dance, Synchro and Grad Feature Skaters

  • All contracted free skate, dance, synchro and grad feature families should have received 12 tickets in the ticket envelope they pick up on Picture Day. These tickets are $10 General Admission tickets and may be used by children, adults, or senior citizens. You are encouraged to use or sell all of these tickets. If you have more tickets than you need, you may be able to sell to other RFSC families who would like more than 12 General Admission tickets.
  • Each family will receive only one packet of 12 General Admission tickets.
  • You will be billed $120 for these tickets on your RFSC bill.
  • Additional tickets may be purchased from our online store, at the ticket tables during the Wednesday and Thursday rehearsals of Show Week and in the RFSC office. Please note: These are the Adult and Student/Senior tickets listed above, not General Admission tickets. Blades to Ballet and Hunt Drug will also sell tickets but they will not keep track of tickets for the contest.
  • We will not hold checks. Please purchase tickets as you need them. You may not return purchased tickets.
  • For the ticket sales contest, each family will have their name placed in the drawing once for these 12 tickets.

Ticket Sales Contest

For every 10 additional tickets sold (as determined from the Ticket Purchase Forms and online sales), the skater’s name will be placed into a drawing for a prize. Each three-day pass that is purchased will count for three tickets for that skater. A Ticket Sales form will be available at picture day, in the office, and at ticket tables. You can use this form when selling tickets to friends or family. Have them complete the form, collect payment, and then use the form to purchase the tickets from the RFSC office or ticket tables. Then, you can deliver the tickets. Deadline for entry into the Ticket Sales Contest is Thursday, April 19, 2018.

RFSC Online Store

Program Pre-Sale

Dream On Ice Show programs may be ordered in advance at the discounted rate of $8 each.

Orders must be placed on or before Monday, April 16, 2018. Orders will not be accepted after the due date. Ordered programs will be available for pick-up by the Thursday of show week rehearsals.

To order programs . . .

  • Pay by credit card by ordering in our Online Store
  • Pay by cash or check by returning the Order Form to the RFSC office.

Programs may also be purchased during show rehearsals (starting either Wednesday or Thursday) at the standard rate of $10

All pre-sale orders MUST include full payment. Orders received without payment will not be processed!

RFSC Online Store

Tech Rehearsal Skater Meals (Show week)

Once again, we will offer Meals for Skaters during our Wednesday and Thursday show week technical rehearsals.

On Wednesday, April 18 we will have deli sandwiches. On Thursday, April 19, we will serve pizza. Each meal will include a selection of fruit, chips, cookies, and a beverage. We will have to-go bags available. The cost is $6 per meal.

Meals may be ordered in our Online Store by credit card or in the office by cash or check using the Skater Meals Order Form. If you leave the order in the office mailbox, please use an envelope indicating that it is for Skater Meals and your skater(s)’ name(s). Payment must be included with all orders. Deadline to sign up is Monday, April 16.

Meals will be available in the consession area on the east side of the building from about 4:30 to 5:15. If you need to be lined up early for opening, please make sure you have your meal early so you are ready.

The Fine Print

In order to be able to do this every year, there will be some simple, common sense rules:

  1. You must order and pay in advance so we can have enough food for everyone.
  2. You are responsible for your own mess. If you spill, please wipe it up. Do not leave food or wrappers laying in the stands or locker rooms.
  3. Costumes must be covered.
  4. Your first responsibility is to be lined up on time for your number. We can’t promise that the line for food will move quickly, so please plan ahead.
  5. PLEASE use your manners and be polite to our volunteers. We are offering this as a service to you and your parents, and we hope that it makes things easier for you.

If these rules are not followed, we will not be able to offer food for skaters in the future. We are excited to offer this to you and hope we can continue the tradition for future shows.

Ordering Meals

You may order skater meal(s) for the Wedndesday and/or Thursday tech rehearsals through our Online Store by credit card or in the office by cash or check using the Skater Meals Order Form. If you leave the order in the office mailbox, please use an envelope indicating that it is for Skater Meals and your skater’s name. Payment must be included with all orders.

If you have any questions, please ask Yasuko Allen or Cassie Kappler.

Yasuko Allen |
Cassie Kappler |

RFSC Online Store

More to come . . .

Watch this space for more information..

In the mean time, we are looking forward to another great show!

Jenny, Tim & Debbie

Executive Staff

Show Chairs: Jenny Daniels
Tim Rinkel
Artistic Director: Debbie Colgan
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Show Calendar

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Spirit Wear Pick-up
Sunday, March 4, 2018 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Show Picture Day
Saturday, March 10, 2018
Learn2Skate Ice Show Session Starts
Friday, March 23, 2018 - Saturday, March 24, 2018
No Show Rehearsals (Hockey Tournament)
Monday, April 2, 2018 - Saturday, April 7, 2018
Show Rehearsal Spring Break (L2S Skaters)