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Competitive Skating Team

RFSC Competitive Skating Team

The purpose of the Competitive Skating Team is to encourage camaraderie and support for highly motivated freestyle skaters within a group setting. Skaters from RFSC, who participate as part of the Competitive Skating Team, will be offered opportunities to develop higher skill levels through various methods.

A committee for the Competitive Skating Team has been established and is considering many ways to offer opportunities for skaters of all skill levels within the team.

Skaters who wish to participate as part of the Competitive Skating Team are expected to be extremely committed to figure skating and would be required to exhibit a tremendous amount of effort to qualify for benefits. Skaters, who would like to qualify as part of the Competitive Skating Team, should contact their coach for approval before applying.

This team is for serious, competitive, single freestyle skaters within the Rochester Figure Skating Club. To qualify for the team at the beginning level, a skater must be able to demonstrate a clean lutz jump.

Requirements for applying to the Competitive Skating Team

  • Skaters are expected to work diligently each day in every session they skate.
  • Skaters are expected to be good role models and represent RFSC in a positive way.
  • Skaters are expected to participate in group fundraising efforts.
  • Skaters are expected to participate as a group in contributing to service within the community.
  • Skaters are expected to continuously work toward achieving higher success in skating.
  • Skaters must be RFSC home club members and skate a minimum of 8-15 units per week, depending on their placement level, for 45 weeks a year on our home club ice.
  • Skaters must have a current head coach from the Rochester Figure Skating Club.


Many classes, camps and programs are being considered for the Competitive Skating Team. We would like to offer opportunities to all skaters within the team regularly throughout the year. The coaches of the Competitive Skating Team committee will decide which skaters qualify for camps and classes, based on level of skating as well as commitment to the sport. Please note, your head coach must be an RFSC coach and you must be a home club member to qualify.

The Team

If you have questions about the Competitive Skating Team, please ask one of the committee members or your club professional. If you are interested in pursuing a higher level of commitment to freestyle skating and would like to become a member of the Competitive Skating Team, please fill out the application form and return it to the Competitive Skating Team. Your coach's approval is necessary!

The team will no longer be leveled (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), the initial requirement will be to demonstrate a clean lutz. During seminars and/or classes, the team may be split based on skating ability appropriate to each specific class. The following are guidelines suggested for each level. Please consult with your RFSC Professional to personalize your training schedule.

  • Pre-Preliminary through Preliminary a minimum of 3 free skate per week (range 8-11 units) and one on ice class and one off ice class
  • Pre Juvenile through Juvenile a minimum of four free skate per week (range 10-13 units) and one on ice class and one off ice class
  • Intermediate through Senior a minimum of five free skate per week (range 10-17 units) and one on ice class and one off ice class

Committee Voting Members

Lori Voepel Brakke, Jamie Lynn Santee, Olga Wheeler, Betsy Wilson,

Non-voting consultant to the committee

U.S. Figure Skating Judge - Elizabeth Harty

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Contract Skating Dates

• 2017-2018 School Year Schedule
September 5, 2017 – June 2, 2018

• 2017 Winter Interim
December 26, 2017 December 29, 2017

• 2018 Spring Interim
March 30 – April 6, 2018